Mt. Hope Young Women’s Group (YWG)

The Young Women’s Group is funded by the Miriam Hospital and offers middle and high school (female) students the opportunity to maximize the individual development of young women in the Mt. Hope neighborhood. Through programming that supports the students’ interests and abilities, students participate in activities such as performance art, improv comedy, hip-hop classes,  self-defense, yoga, cooking/nutrition classes and a guest speaker series covering topics like safer sex and public health. In addition, members strive to increase civic engagement among young women in the community by funding service learning projects that are determined both by their own interests and the needs of the Mt. Hope community.

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Thanks to funding from The Miriam Hospital it is free to participate in YWG!

For more information regarding YWG, please contact Hannah at the Mt. Hope Learning Center at 455-8875, or stop in to see us at 140 Cypress Street in Providence.